TAT 10


End 120 miles dirt road …

Sometimes there are surprises and then more surprises. Prohibition ended a long time ago, just no one told the good people of Arkansas. We have a cold beer every evening when we stop.


Mega Red Road Trails for 140 miles…

But Arkansas is a dry county. No beer, no . No one told us that. It’s 2017; the USA is not the Middle East.
Pity to spoil Arkansas as the Ozark national forest is another huge clump of timber in which someone cut a red road. Not so tight this one but flowing. We spent the day in there and came out to no beer!


First Motel – No Camp Here. Lovely People…

Oklahoma of the Indian country is next on the map and it sells beer , that’s the place to go heading west . Tyre wear fur Mick and Simon demands a route change to Tulsa a sprawling city in no mans land, not a nice place for me. Tyres they have so on west we go. It’s hot , too hot as we enter the old Indian plains to tracks that those before have indicated as uninteresting? Why? The tracks are mega, wide red dirt roads that snake between the cattle fields and what buffalo are left. Despite the heat it’s a great ride to Buffalo town. Now don’t get excited, Buffalo has nothing to offer outside friendly and helpful people. It’s run down two cross Road Town between nowhere and nowhere. The interstate has long since by passed such towns.



Progress is good, ahead of schedule for now. It’s still a very long way to go and anything can happen. Bikes take a beating and need to be ridden with cars. Tyres can shrewd … met a guy today with one gone after 800 miles. One fall can break a lot ax the bikes are heavy.
New Mexico is 300 miles across from Buffalo and will be remote.


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