”Back From Tom”


”Back From Tom”


” Back From Tom”

It’s been a quiet month on the preparation front or it seems that way but quite a lot has been going on .
Initially the bike has been with Tom Dooley ( mas engineering ) who has managed to follow my child drawings , modifying the tanks and adding a rack to the rear . The right tank was modified a significant amount to allow the new kick starter lever to fold in home ….. Suzuki made a new unit in 2007 with a new shape ( as the original ones broke) and I could not locate an original one so Tom cut a re-welded the tank to accommodate the 2007 unit . We also fitted a fuel sight glass ( well plastic) as there is no gauge on this bike and I had a tendency to run out of fuel even though it can carry 33 litres ! Captain Mc Cann refuses to let me ride with him any more when I run out at night in the middle of the Galtee mountains …… fill the f…. thing up next time he fires out under the helmet …. yes sir ! Try not to do that in the Ah of the us , now I can see how much fuel is in the tanks . Thanks Tom , mega job .
The biking fraternity are fantastic , no sooner had I collected the bike from Tom when my Rallye mate Brian Mc Girr ( BMG motorcycle training , Fermanagh ) offered to take it and modify the wiring and tower. Brian is a whiz at the wiring so who was I to refuse such an offer so off it went to Fermanagh on a wiring holiday , something I can do but don’t have Brians skill set or patience . Bit like painting the house , the initial wall is good then it goes rapidly downhill . Brian beavered away over the holiday period , made a new tower box , a gps mount , a phone mount , charging sockets and renewed the wiring in the main box which had become frayed over the years . He even zinc plated the foot pegs , testing out his new home made bath for same . It works . Great guy as well.


”New Tower”

Now , I have the bike back in my own shed , it needs to be stripped of tanks to be painted , wheels , forks , shock to be serviced , bearings replaced , cam chain , piston , filters , oil etc.


…and the work starts…


…more work ahead…

I have started , this is work I enjoy , a few weeks will see it all completed .
On the paperwork front , I still have not secured bike insurance in the us ….. the CCM is not logged on the register there , I have sent all the forms to have it registered so waiting .  Once registered on the us system I can arrange insurance on line .
All my accessories to take are laid out at home , ( much to Judith’s annoyance ) and there is a lot of stuff to eventually fit on the bike …. tent , sleeping bags , cooking stuff , clothes , tools , spares etc etc …. I will see if the packing plan works next month , taking the equipment and yet being able to ride comfortably .

Simon had purchased a DRZ 400 in the us , currently undergoing service treatment . Looks a nice clean bike …..he has booked his flights . ” I am ready ”   Hmmm.  The easy way we said ! A well.


”Simon’s DRZ 400”


…awaiting in the USA…

Mick is in hiding somewhere in Wicklow or at sea but the 690 is ready to go .

Packing next .



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