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ISDE Brive 2017


It’s on most Enduro riders to do list…. the ISDE or International Six Days Enduro, the longest running event on the FIM calendar. It started in Carlisle in 1913 and bar some gaps for a few wars. And stuff has run every year since. It is one of the few sporting events where the average […]

Moato Circus 2017 – Two Day Cha...


Please find official Event Entry form below: moato-circus-entry-2017 Moato Circus 2016 from T9 Images Media on Vimeo. List of events: Times TBA Saturday 2nd September : Longcross for Adults and Youths ( Fastlane MCC LX Series Final Round 3 )   Evening ovalcross Pro Race ( by invitation only ) Freestyle motocross Shift holeshot challenge: […]

2017 Fastlane MCC Longcross Series Ch...


Unfortunately the 3rd round due to run next week on the 13th of August has been cancelled. We were not able to obtain the land required. The last round of the LX Series will be held at Doon MX Parc – Moto Circus Event on the 2nd of September 2017. Entry and Regs will be […]

TAT 21


  OREGON, we did not know what to expect but somehow in that old mind ( again) we sort of thought that as the last state , like the last day on a 6 day or a Rallye the trails would be flowing and ‘easy’ …, wrong, wrong yet again . This part of Oregon […]

TAT 20


It can be difficult at the end of a long day to decide what to report on. Fuelled up at Huntington, looking at a 180 mile full dirt run I was thinking about the rattle snake 🐍. We have Seen black bears, beavers, a wolf 🐺, antelope, deer, desert rats and all sorts of other […]

TAT 19


Contrast … now there’s a thing, we have found it wherever we went; different people: black, white, Hispanic; different living: big houses 🏡. , shacks and old rev trailers; scenery… flat, mountainous, desert, corn fields; rain and scorching sun ☀. Contrasts. The last 24 hours have been that, all different. Camped in American falls after […]

TAT 18


On the 24th July 1847, Briton Young a Mormon ( now the Latter Day Saint church ) led a group of pioneers into the Salt Lake valley ; there they stopped and settled to become the first people in Utah. That has some significance to us as today is the 24th July, the day Mick […]

TAT 17


It’s a mind thing, and the mind can be a funny place at times. Nevada, had not seen that one coming, once out of the Utah desert the mind was at ease to a great extent. No more vast tranches of wilderness…. wrong, I had not figured on Nevada and more wilderness Nothingness. Hot barren. […]

TAT 16


Those of a certain age will remember Rin Tin Tin the original K9 of the species. He could rescue anyone from anywhere. The TAT trail from Moab to Castle Deal comes with. Health warning ⚠, its 200 miles of nothing only desert, scrub and wind. And it’s hot. In trouble there it’s likely not even the […]

TAT 15


It can be difficult to get your head around it, the enormity of the land mass. Not something we are accustomed to. The lady in the dollar general store tells us she takes the kids, the grandparents and the dog to go shopping … a weekend trip. You look at the map; sure it’s only […]