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TAT 16


Those of a certain age will remember Rin Tin Tin the original K9 of the species. He could rescue anyone from anywhere. The TAT trail from Moab to Castle Deal comes with. Health warning ⚠, its 200 miles of nothing only desert, scrub and wind. And it’s hot. In trouble there it’s likely not even the […]

TAT 15


It can be difficult to get your head around it, the enormity of the land mass. Not something we are accustomed to. The lady in the dollar general store tells us she takes the kids, the grandparents and the dog to go shopping … a weekend trip. You look at the map; sure it’s only […]

TAT 14


In American terms Death Valley (!) is not too far from here … a little south. Never been there but can now understand the name. It’s roasting Hot again too hot, dangerous to ride between 1 and 4 pm at least. Taken the advice, parked up. We pulled in after 229 miles yesterday with what […]

TAT 13


She coughs and splutters a bit just to let me know we are at 13000 feet plus. Winding up and down the alpine valleys joined by the never ending Rock strewn hairpin bends…. its slow, technical riding. There were times I wondered if a few more CCS would help, particularly on the long Oklahoma dirt […]

TAT 12


We have been waiting now for a bit, longer than a nature break would normally take. In the forest 9000 feet up and no sign of Simon. There is sort of a pattern, Mick rides out front he is 100 % on navigation and can travel faster, Simon goes behind he has no Nav kit […]

TAT 11


Betty runs the pumps at the local gas station in Liberty city (if you can call it that); she informs us he grandfather came from Dublin and like all Irish Americans wants to visit with him to ‘home ‘. He we told us 92 do better they get a move on me thinks. Liberty is […]

TAT 10


Sometimes there are surprises and then more surprises. Prohibition ended a long time ago, just no one told the good people of Arkansas. We have a cold beer every evening when we stop. But Arkansas is a dry county. No beer, no . No one told us that. It’s 2017; the USA is not the […]



The bootleggers ( as seen on TV) give the state police the run around and continue to produce the illicit liquor under their noses. You would wonder how, however when you see the size of Cherokee and Chattahoochi forests you can see why. The whole population of Ireland could hide in those forests alone. Across […]

S/C Championship RD 4 at Doon MX Parc...

30608_TC 85 2018 Action

S/C Championship RD4 will take place on the 15th July 2017 ( Saturday Youth Only ) There will be support Class – Twin Shock/Evo/2T on the day ( Saturday Only 15/07/2017) 16th July 2017 ( Sunday) is an Adult Race Day Only. Please find the Official Entry form and Regulations below : SC Championship RD […]



The dragons tail will be well known to the Harley set. It’s a road that has 320 hairpins in 10 miles and runs through the smokey mountains. Impressive. We crossed it on way to Charleston, across the black mountains off road and back across both off road. Zig zag zig zag. 250 miiles in a […]