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It’s a long time since this scribe was in the USA. 1976 if the old memory is correct. It’s easy to forget how big the country and everything in it is. For some reason I thought Knoxville was a small town, wrong. It’s big and spread out. Huge wide streets. Fine just different. We have […]

Fastlane MCC LX Series Championship S...


Apologies for the delay. But here it is Fastlane MCC LX Series Championship Standings after RD 2 ( Youth and Adult) : LX Adults Championship Standings after RD 2 LX Youth championship Standings After RD 2



Someone has to set them up… Paul Mc Carthy by his own admission can be a bit mad, recent dad from downtown Ballyhooly a good stones throw from Kilworth forest. Mad Paul McCarthy… He can ride a bit on an Enduro bike and very handy on the old trials bike. Add to that he and […]



400 kg of muscle !

LX Series Rd 2 at Blake’s Pit B...


Sometimes rain can be your friend , it keeps dust away and softens the track. When it comes down in thunderstorm like quantity it definitely is not our friend. Sunday was such at Blakes Pit where two heavy showers turned what was a mixed track into something more akin to an Enduro. Race one and two […]

Provisional Results from Youth and Ad...


Please find Provisional Results from the Race day below : Race Lap times (for Race 1, Race 2 and Race 3 are in the Tabs of Excel file) Championship Standings after RD 2 to follow. Adult LX Lap Times Race1 Race2 and Race 3 Blessington 11 June 2017 Youth LX Lap Times Race 1 and […]

Killavullen 2 day Enduro


Let’s put this on record …. This was a brilliant Enduro in the true Enduro sense …… a 65 KM loop with nothing too difficult but not too easy either. A very well marked route and 2 tests of 10 M + duration. You could not ask for or get it any better. Sure not […]

Fastlane MCC Youth and Adult LX Serie...


Notice Fastlane MCC : Round 2 of the LX series on the 11 th June is now in Blessington not Oldcastle. We hope to run in Oldcastle at a later date. There are 4 landowners in Oldcastle and the club cannot pull it all together in time. The 11 th date will need to be […]



Following the very different Finnish event and a not so good Spanish round the EWC riders have moved to the picturesque city of Spoleto in central Italy . The Italians love their motorbikes and wherever they go are embraced by the local populas. Spoleto will be no different. The local club have laid out 3 very […]



Sometimes it’s difficult to work things out. The Glendalough enduro , now based in Aughavanna is an excellent event laid out over forest and  mountain terrain . New going for 17 and an enjoyable flowing track and test. Nothing else needed, however the entry whilst good on quality was disappointing in numbers considering the levels […]