BEC round 3 Cumbria + ……… The same issues exist !

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What a difference a day makes !

It will be recorded that Danny MC Canny won , Jack Edmondson ( that’s 3 times world champion Pauls son ) second and Dan Mundell third. Our Enduro fraternity were once again represented by Luke Murphy pushing the boat out to travel and compete. Luke, recovering from Flu acquitted himself well on day one but wisely pulled out of day 2 drained of energy from a very tough day 1 route.


Solid Ride by Luke Murphy !


Murphy clan at ease…

A figure of 8 route run on the 5500 Acre GRAYTHWAITE “ farm” … a 30 minute out check with a 35 minute in check with a 8 minute good and varied test in the middle ….. a test laid out by Paul Edmondson using all his experience . The “ going” was technical forest with many roots, rocks and climbs. Day 2 saw rain with the route cut severely partly to save bodies ( what happened to the good old hard events) and partly to ensure the participants could exit the paddock set in a hilly field.
Land, or the lack of to run time card enduro is an increasing problem everywhere particularly so if the land is private where strict rules can apply. Here we have said many times we are lucky to have Coillte where events can be run in some forests.
However, land particularly private land has to be returned to as near pre event condition as possible ( that means land levelling), no washing of bikes, environmental mats are mandatory, no tear offs, no riding in the paddock and FIM compliant noise levels, marked route followed absolutely. All bikes must be pushed to the start. The Brits of course follow and obey the rules if not instant disqualification will follow. That is accepted.


No mat no ride. Imagine !


Every rut has to be refilled.


All hard work here.

Here at , the TORC and Fastlane clubs understand the position and light that motorcycles are viewed by some of the people public and local authorities …… not flavour of the month everywhere and yet trying to educate some riders to follow some necessary changes without a big stick approach is almost impossible. We refer to the same issues that the ACU have implemented … environmental mats, washing, tear offs etc,etc . It is somehow seen as an imposition to the riders as against a few simple changes to help preserve the sport. Long term nothing outside electric bikes on preset tracks may be the norm but we can assist to preserve the status quo for a time to come.
The clubs need the riders understanding and help ….. this is a worldwide issue not an Irish one.

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