There is a route in here


there is a route in here

Next Sunday’s opening Enduro will be held in Ballinderry wood. There are some obstacles, trees for one have blocked the lanes and a lot of work has gone on to clear them. Clara Lara fun parc, the traditional and best Parc Ferme is out this year because of insurance issues. Claims culture has again knocked the normal decent person and is blight on our society. COC Alan is looking for an alternative but it’s likely to be the forest road. Not ideal but there may be no alternative. Ballinderry is a very tight and contoured forest with lots of elevation changes and forest … never one of the easiest but a proper test of Enduro. Likely to run in the reverse of last year and possibly a shorter lap with Clara Lara out. Difficult to see anyone beating Jordan Scott who is a class act, the more minor places will be hard fought though and expect Harold Crawford, Mervyn Griffin, Robert Regan, Ian Kelly to be in the shake. Young Stynes may make an appearance for his first Enduro but is currently injured and may not make it. Here is hoping the weather may be better than 2016. The 2017 EWC world Enduro kicked off in Finland a strange if very long and hard event. 400 km per day 23 tests in minus 16 deg. Maybe Ballinderry in the wet is ok? Two classes now dominated by Enzo Remes and a bunch of Finns, the regulars held up by Steve Holcombe and Tasmanian Phillips. From there to Finland is some change. Time will tell if the two class format is good or wrong. thinks the latter as it will become an elitist branch of the sport where money as against ability may win out. The FIM will defend the series no matter what ax they only want one winner Enduro GP, like MX or MotoGP so the public understand. Which part of the public is interested in Enduro? Finland was a perfect example; Remes is in the E2 class (up to 250 cc) not the Enduro GP but smoked everyone. So who won? For the FIM, Antti Hellsten as he won the EGP…. He was some 3 minutes off Remes. We would say Remes won … in 2016 he would have won E1 and Enduro GP, Antti E 2 and ¬†Holcombe E 3. Confused more?

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