Irish Enduro Championship RD 1 By Torc Ireland 2017


Irish Enduro Championship RD 1 By Torc Ireland 2017

Rocks and roots take their toll but the sun was out !


Test @ Irish Endruro RD1 2017

As previewed, the Pat MC-Erlane Ballinderry enduro is never going to be easy. The nature of the terrain ensures it can never be a walk in the park except for those few who can ride the hills and roots with their feet on the pegs . There are a few who can and we did miss the daddy of them all at that Harold Crawford who we assume was breeding lambs on the farm . Harold would never wear boots out as they never leave the pegs.

Roots Roots and More Roots :

On the very positive side , it was sunny , the COC found an alternative perc ferme ( thanks Clint for the land) in a local field and there was a big entry from all four corners of the country . A few sore heads on Sunday morning from some who tasted the water in the local Laragh hostelry. Nothing wrong with that but ballinderry will and did  bite you.


Test Start …


Test Start

Moosses , not of the 4 legged kind are a product of some discussion . They are hard to fit ( no ) , expensive ( yes) , have a shelf life ( yes)  some use them some do not . Over the years there was normally enough time at the checks or en route to change a tube but of course that meant carrying a tube , levers , spanners, air  etc . Everyone did it so it was not such an issue …. 5 minutes had the job done . Mention that today and you would be looked at as completely mad .

This weekend there were more punctures than there were sound tyres , dozens of them ripped open on the knife like stones ( rocks) that festoon the test normally not too bad but ridden at test speed increased the likelihood of flats …. More concentrating on speed than avoiding the rocks . Of course those who had moosses were ok and that perhaps tells its own story . Some soldiered on with flats others did not conscious of course of the rims or just could not take the pounding . We did see one rider fit a new tube  … well done that man ( who is ?) and Colm MC Hugh completed almost the entire event with both flat … well done that man too .

Outside punctures others called a day as the body cried enough . The route was all very rideable but it is and was physical for all bar the top few and the COC and Club did a good job , a 18 KM loop , 2 checks and a long ( and rocky) test . Fitness is the key in such terrain and it is the rider not the route to leave the scar.

Rider Pre View with Jordan Scott at Irish Enduro Championship RD 1 by TORC Ireland 2017

Rider Re View with Jordan Scott at Irish Enduro Championship RD 1 by TORC Ireland 2017

It is likely Jordan Scott will top the podium and perhaps Dave Mc Nullty ( who was not expected to ride) will push him hard but Dave was one of those who punctured . There was a significant drop out rate in the seniors so to even predict a result is difficult . MC Hugh , despite the wheels was clean on time one of only a few  Dave Crean also  will be close as he is old school and will always finish , usually clean ….. the rest is all a ?

Rider Pre View With David MCNullty at Irish Enduro RD 1 By TORC Ireland 2017

Rider Re View with Dave McNullty @ Irish Enduro RD 1 By TORCIreland 2017

We will await results.

The CLUB ( COC Alan)  wish to thanks all those who helped ( Neill , Leighton , Dave , Nick , Hayes + , GODFREY + , Deborah + . COMBT Dave , Prof. W ,Derek Mark & Morris …..   sponsor CCM RACING and Landowners and all who participated.)

White Mountain next.




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