BEC Round 1 and 2


Gotts, Stynes, Edmonds at test 2

It’s a long way from most places to ELGIN.

Lossiemouth forest was the venue for the start of the BEC 2017 season and both the MCUI, MRA and the LAZERMASTER Electraction TM team were well represented through Stuart Edmonds , Dylan Stynes , Jordan Scott , Philip Caldwell ( + others unknown) and Josh Gotts.  It’s a considerable distance and drive from Dublin / Belfast to Lossiemouth but even further for Gotts from deepest Cornwall. Easy to underestimate the length of the UK and Scotland but we were there in the sun and rain which thankfully kept itself to a few cold showers.



Beach Test …Nice one !

This time the club marked out two tests, the traditional beach test and a second forest test on the far side of town where only the riders were permitted to go. The police attended the event, took every registration number and were running them through the computer system to ensure compliance as there was a 6 mile road loop to link both forests. Imagine the scatter if such happened here! Whether we agree with such an approach is another question but it does indicate most bikes are correctly registered. As it happened so were ours.


Jordan Scott


Edmonds starts alone.

It’s probably fair to say that at the current time at BEC championship level and allowing that Jamie MC Canny, Steve Holmcolm were absent Danny MC Canny, Nathan Watson are out of reach with Edmondson and Freeman also full time professionals in reality it was a fight for 5th down for the rest unless Edmonds, Scott or Gotts were very much on song. In the end Saturday Gotts held 5th until the final test where a small mistake dropped him to a close 7th and Edmonds was to drop out with a damaged wheel where the guide had met an immovable stump damaging the spokes. Scott posted a very credible 9th, with Dylan Stynes completing his first BEC or Enduro event in 16th Expert.  Philip rocked around as always in the Vets.

Lossie test Stuart Edmonds @ BEC RD1 & 2 2017

Lossie test Josh Gotts @ BEC RD1 & 2 2017

Sunday showed much of the same but this time Edmonds was to fill the 5th overall slot following a day long dual with Gotts and Jamie Lewis, some 10 seconds separating the 3 at the end. All three were riding well and not too far off Watson who seemed to be having a difficult day on the 350.   The same errant stump caught Edmonds again this time smashing the 2 T pipe at the end of lap one and no doubt losing considerable performance. On the positive side the organisers did not pull him from the event and he stayed on time. Changing the pipe would have made that a close run thing.


Likely Lads :) ” Former MX GP star Laurence Spence & Prof. Paul White”

Stynes took 16th again completing 2 hard days for a first outing at Enduro. Philip finished as always 15th in the quality Vets class.

To the rest who competed and finished, well done.

All excellent and promising results by all in what is now one of the hardest contested national series.

Danny MC Canny smoked it and looked much more at home on the 250 2 T.

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