ISDE 2017 Day 2 and Day 3


ISDE 2017


ISDE 2017 day 2 First, a big well done to the guys who have kept clean, kept going and turned in some impressive performances . It’s been very difficult in the heat, the number of non finisher’s testament to that fact. Heat and dust is this years 6 days pincer. It’s some time since the event took such a toll on riders and machines. Outside that, there are some stand out performances from Jordan, 6th in E3 and less than. 80 seconds off the podium. A long way to go but Jordan has the speed and experience to surprise. Barry, Robert and Dave Mc Nulty are also on song with the other riders putting in huge performances in the conditions. ‘Old Harold ‘ is calmly going about the job… feet up of course. John McCann, Ivan and Dave all suffered from serious heat exhaustion and sickness. It’s a bitter pill for them after so much effort to continue. Heat exhaustion is totally debilitating. The temperatures are due to drop from tomorrow. Mick O’Leary it was very difficult yesterday, impossibly hot and tiring. I was totally drained last night but feel better today. I took it easier to preserve the body today. Completing the event is now the target ‘ Wednesday will see a change of route, hopefully lower temperatures. France continues to run ahead. Without a problem it’s already hard to see anyone topping them. Tomorrow…..

ISDE 2017  day 3


ISDE 2017


Mick came to halt !

Mick O’Leary broke a rear sprocket, timed out but managed to effect a repair and is in the Parc Ferme for tomorrow. Great job. Jordan continues to shine and has climbed a place to 5th overall … fingers crossed. Barry, Harold, Dave McNulty are running clean with Barry lying 26th, Harold 46, Dave 87 . Hard work to stay clean Robert, Chris, Patrick and big Phil have all dropped a few minutes. Nothing major, just the going is tight in the conditions. All performing well. As an aside, Scottish rider and an honesty Irishman Euan Mc Connell who had the unfortunate task of being at the scene of Michael Alty ( R.I.P) Is back in the event , given his time loss and test times back. Euan was understandably shook following the incident ” That was a really shit thing. Yes it was. knew Michael and our condolences to all associated. With the temperature dropped a bit, day 4 should prove a bit easier with the trails known . Push on guys, doing us all proud. Thanks to Dave Crean for photos.




Roll On day 4…

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