Enduro GP of Britain 2017


Now, where is the time check…

The Hayes clan were there in full number, looking for a time check to man. They were free, willing and able, but there was no time check nor was there was a check to ride. Held within the confines of Hawkstone parks famous MX track, utilising the surrounding forest to make two tests on Saturday … a MX test and an Enduro test ridden 6 times each, combining the two on Sunday to form a 10 minute ‘long cross loop ‘ ridden for 3 hours . It was hard going, particularly so on Sunday run on a very cut up track, it tested the bodies and bikes to throw up some different results. Whilst the results are there to be seen an Enduro it certainly was not.


Class act by Steve Holcombe @ Enduro GP of Britain

Some will call the event an affront to traditional Enduro, others will see it as a format that can work under the guidance of professional promoters of which fast Eddy is one.
It was well laid out, spectator friendly but lacked any decent communication or commentary. It was difficult to follow who was where results wise except if you were sitting at home with internet access. That was bad and for Enduro.ie a major mistake.
It is also worth noting that the total rider participation in E GP and E 2 us something between 20 and 30 pilots … they may be quality riders but it points to something very wrong at EWC level.


Spot the new FI system ?


Extra Fuel anyone ? The cause of a protest.

The strong rumour is the biggest participant factory ( KTM, HUSKY) will leave EWC next season to concentrate on extreme and a new Red Bull series. That may be to do with the EWC or pressure to win where they are not currently.
The European championship run on more traditional lines is booming … the FIM need to take note before it is too late.


Ready, steady pit !

Here at Enduro.ie we look at such a GP event as different, interesting with shortcomings but not a route to travel down for World Enduro. The sprint was acceptable the 3 hour event has its own place but it’s a different place.
Time will tell what the future holds at this level, is it spectator orientated where gate receipts, trade stands etc may fund the event or will land and a funding solution be found to continue with time card events. If you analyse this weekend there is little doubt it attracted paying spectators but not as many as would be seen in say Italy or France at a Full card Enduro, notionally free. Who then funds the event?
At a lower level the same questions arise at home.
Answers on a postcard please……


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