Day 1 EWC Portugal 2018


Rain or Dust?

Portugal is in not a wealthy country … in fact if we believe the data figures considered one of the poorest in Europe.That said, they do not have a housing problem or a health issue. The people are housed and the hospitals work we are told. There are lessons there.


The Portuguese build quality high rise flats ( let’s not be posh and call them apartments ) to house the people…

The Portuguese are also big into motorsport of any kind … the super test last evening attracted thousands of people … sure it was on the centre of town and quite a big town bronco is but they came in droves.


Head count at super test … thousands

The club also have made a huge effort, everything is organised correctly, tests well marked and accessible. Good job.
The only issue is dust, lots of it. If we were to choose between some rain and dust the former would be better. No one can control either but it has been hot ; the riders feel it and look tired on technical going but fast tests. Lots of tests.


Waiting for the riders…

All day the leaderboard changed between Salvini and Jamie Mc Canny winners of E1 and E2 respectively. In the end Salvini made fewer minor mistakes and with a 12 second bonus from winning the super test won the day. Jamie in particular has been more than impressive … smooth but fast .. the two go together .. normally when the rider looks aggressive the times drop off. David Knight was perhaps the only rider who could look aggressive but be fast. 14 long tests in the heat made for a very long day.
Day 2 will be hard on already tired bodies.

Few Videos from Today:

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