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While was temporarily absent: the sport of Enduro/ Rallye continued apace with some notable events with MCUI participants … all results elsewhere online.

BEC ( British enduro championship) Round 3 / 4  Helmsley UK

Conor at Speed

Conor at Speed

Its a long walk

It’s a long walk

Maths time at BEC

Maths time at BEC

Nice touch to timing

This turned out to be a rare return for a time card event to tight running checks with hard going. Almost all the entrants lost time (disputed by the championship class), so credit to Jamie O’Keefe, Angus Leonard and Conor Dunne for completing 2 days of a difficult event with many throwing in the towel after 6 hours of day 1. Angus burst a clutch hose on day 1 but managed a fix to continue and finish the day. All a learning curve but the guys acquitted themselves very well.



Awards Ceremony Hellas Rally 2022 📸 Actiongraphers


Team Ireland Awards Ceremony Hellas Rally 2022 📸 Actiongraphers

Under the banner of Rallye raid Ireland a large group headed to Greece for the Hellas Rally …… 6 days in dust and blistering heat with difficult navigation. There were some ups and some downs, a few broken ribs and bruises but the entire crew finished the event, our congratulations to them all. Gary Ennis , Rony Buggle and Paul Coyne put in particularly good results with Orla McClean completing her first Rallye. Rallying is fast becoming a must do step up from Enduro with rallies now run in many countries throughout the world ……. Europe, S. America, Saudi, Dubai, etc. Never easy they demand good preparation, navigation skills and stamina. Perhaps such events will lead to some new riders to tackle the Daddy of them all …. The DAKAR.

WELSH Championship Sprint


Jordan Scott at Welsh Championship Sprint


JS #4

When you add an entry that reads like a whose who of BEC enduro you would not necessarily consider that a MCUI rider would push the best in Britain contesting for the top spot, a win that was deserved but missed by the smallest of margins by a dislocated ankle. Such it was at the weekend when Jordan Scott winning 3 of the 5 tests only to dislocate an ankle on test 4 near the finish costing 23 seconds in lost time and ultimately the top spot to Dan Mundell by a mere 2 seconds, riding the final test with the ankle repositioned, strapped and pushed into a boot. A result we knew was possible as Jordan has been getting faster and faster as the fitness improves.

A well done from Enduro .ie  to All participants in any of the above.


TORC    Enduro     AUGHAVANNA  Wicklow …..  19th June  ……  Regulations online in week.

Fastlane   Long Cross  @ The Lamb Blessington, Youth and Adult on 10th July.

”Round 1 of Summer series”

Few LX Snaps

Few LX Snaps from the Venue

Lambe Blessington

Lambe Blessington

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

back at lambe

July 10th may be a good way off but the guys at Fastlane have been to work on the LX loop for the first of the summer series events.

Fastlane  Long Cross @ Hollywood Wicklow : Youth and Adult – 7th August, Round 2 of Summer series. ”Regulations/rules and awards” – to be posted.

Hollywood Wicklow

Hollywood Wicklow – Venue for RD2 of Fastlane MCC LX Summer Series 2022

what a view

What a view !

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