Ready For Off …

It’s a long time since this scribe was in the USA. 1976 if the old memory is correct.
It’s easy to forget how big the country and everything in it is. For some reason I thought Knoxville was a small town, wrong. It’s big and spread out. Huge wide streets. Fine just different.


Irish TAT Team @ Knox Enduro

We have been very well looked after here to finally prep the bikes and repack.
After the customs removed all the luggage. Gary and his wife Beverley at Knox Enduro have given us their workshop and ferried us around to motel and Walmart . Another big thing in the us !


Thanks to Our Hosts !

Simon of course had nothing so we pushed him inside to buy a tent, sleeping bag and a few other odd and sods. We also gave him some goods from our bikes .. fair as fair Si.


Simon at work

His drzzzz was good to go, except for a back rack which Gary fabricated from wood , Simon tried to mount it on and then added the Indian bags. Good job they are. We are all carrying quite a bit of stuff and have added more . … some food , water clothes . Quite heavy now … Mick’s load is very secure on the panniers but heavy. All done and ready for off in an hour. Steve an American rider is joining us for the trip to Charleston and back .. well he is leading us. Thanks Steve.
It’s the 4 July weekend, that means the traffic will be manic so we need to be careful until we run to the back roads.
It’s also raining with thunderstorms forecast. Nice, we will get wet.


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