Not even storm Callum stops the Mothballers ( Mothball rallye 12/ 13 OCT 18) Somewhere in Ireland


MothBall 2018

Was it wet? yes we believe it teemed

Were the ducks out?  for sure

Were the Mothballers out …. In force


Cannot take those newbies anywhere … always getting lost and we have to wait in the rain!


Profesor Looking Happier :)


Sleeping or praying?

Tucked up, feet up, fire and TV on, rain and wind lashing against the windows you would never believe there were up to 20 hardy souls out flogging the tracks and trails of east Ireland. The Mothball Rallye drags them out every year and if this year it rained and the wind howled it made little difference except few had time to finish the route before night fell very dark. Brian MC Girr and his hardy band Ciaran, Frank, Bernard from the most northern part of this island made the best attempt to complete the 330 KM only failing to miss one small loop in North Mayo. Long day for them but some fantastic tracks and roads unrivaled in many parts of the world. It was and is that good even in the pouring rain. With a few navigational errors, punctures others called a halt before it was too late to turn north or wet through. Good gear is essential. Credit to Allan Leckey, every year he seems to find new and unused tracks, some through bogland rideable even in the wet, others around or through a right of ways; more grass roads linking the outlying houses in the most remote areas. All great stuff. Unknown towns to pass through each one worth the buy-in.


MothBall Rallye 2018

not made for cars

Not Made for Cars !


Hot baths, good food, and small talk finish off the official days run.

Then of course Sunday the sun comes out and a 270 KM run back for those heading south, never touching a main road dried the gear and the soul. Autumn on a dry day on a bike.


Thanks to Steve Whelan and Dave Crean for photos and info.


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