Rock On Tinahealy 28/10/18

Tinahealy on bright October day

Tinahealy on bright October day

The final round of all championships Parc Ferme at the homely Gap Pub using both Anna Hill and Carrick wood is always an event to be looked forward to. Normally it can and does rain however for 2018 the sun shone on the beautiful surrounds of the valley. It did not change the nature of the going, it is still predominately rocky but dry conditions make it that much easier and no doubt more enjoyable. Two long checks in a figure of 8 the outcheck including the fine test 70 m with the off road in check 55 mins cleaned by almost everyone this year. Dry!
It has been quite routine over the past few years to have overseas visitors attracted to the event due to its reputational status and the welcoming atmosphere. For 2018 Cornish youngster Joshua Gotts filled that category; in the absence of Jordan Scott (having taken the Irish title at the last round) riding the Portstuart beach race it was left to Barry Donaghy, Harold Crawford and John MC Cann to uphold the local effort against the world class Gotts on this occasion riding a small bore 14-year-old machine. Barry came the closest holding station on the first two tests losing 34 seconds on the final loop which cleared the win for the lad from down south Cornwall for the second year. Harold Crawford continues in fine form to 3 RD with John MC Cann 4TH. For the experts the conditions made the check times slack; the break nonetheless welcome against wet conditions and tight checks.
Also in fine form for a guy not totally accustomed to Enduro Derek Shields again topped the senior class from a returned Billy Byrne. Luke Murphy is away and gone in the club class looking to move up and upwards followed home by Jake Duggan and BJ Toad. Brian Leddin winning a well supported sportsman class from Colin Stafford and James Forde.
Commdt MC Cann and all his crew once again did an excellent job to put it all together; a particular thanks to the Keogh family for the timing doing both the start and finish.
Thanks to all the crews over the season, helpers, ambulance, coillte, MCUI , riders and partners ( for letting them out) landowners and anyone else who assisted throughout the season . Its hibernation time for Enduro but it will all start again very soon. Have a good one.

Enduro .IE
Thanks to Keith Tiernan

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