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It’s a rare occurrence that any Clerk of Course considers cancelling an event.
However such was the case for Round 1 of the Irish championship last Sunday. Rain, well it rained and rained but rain in itself was not a problem ; it was the cold wind chill factor making freezing and foggy conditions. Time passing lifted the conditions a bit with the club taking the correct decision to cut the event by half. Very disappointing for the Tobin family who had spent weeks marking and preparing both a new route and test. Both were excellent with dry dry running leading up to the event.
It was a day for hard riders with almost all starters sticking to the task, to a finish bodies warmed by riding. Credit to them all.
Steven Smyth cleared and cleaned off in the experts, Mick Tobin best Dan Connolly to runner up both strong local runners. Sean Tobin landed the senior class with another good run to second by Keith Clarke and local Eddie Dolan 3 rd.
The big Clubman class was headed by Nathan Devlin from Tom Nixen with another full Sportsman topped by Tom Brennan, Ian Mc Kee and Aidan Nugent.

So well done and thanks to the Tobin clan, Collie and crew and all who participated. This was a good event despite the weather and we here trust the knockmeldowns will be part of the calendar.

Notes courtesy of Brian Mc and Paul W.

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