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TAT 10


Sometimes there are surprises and then more surprises. Prohibition ended a long time ago, just no one told the good people of Arkansas. We have a cold beer every evening when we stop. But Arkansas is a dry county. No beer, no . No one told us that. It’s 2017; the USA is not the […]



400 kg of muscle !

TAT 5 APRIL 2017

TAT 404 March P day fin

TIME spent is not always time wasted ! The best laid plans of having everything ready months in advance is looking a little weak this month. Simons DRZ is in Knoxville ( our start point) undergoing some prep work , tanks , seat as advised . With 11500 miles on the clock it was advisable […]



NICKS TAT 2 Lists┬áLists and more Lists. I am a great one for making lists the old fashioned way; write them down and knock them off as they are completed. A tick on the page is easier for me than deleting or colouring on the PC. Whatever works works and I have always done it […]